very cool Ricky Henderson. new still in framed box. these sale on ebay for $25-30 measures 16 x 20
new still in boxed frame. these sale on ebay for $30.00. vintage Jordan. shaq is in the back ground measures 16 x 20
cast iron race car in great condition. does not have the driver. they can be purchased on ebay for approx. $15.00 +/- another car just like this is listed in ebay for $80.00 measures about 91/2 long. not sure of weight.
I have for sale a private label Rockford pocket watch. It's a size 18, lever set, stem wind. I believe it's an 11 jewel, and if I understand my watch book correctly it was made in 1886-87. It has a beautiful swing out case with coin edge bezel and thick crystal. The movement was cleaned and oiled a few years back and runs great. It's a really beautiful old pocket watch in excelle...
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